About Us

Our business is built into five main areas, these are:

1 - Manufacturer of pump skids, pressurisation units, spill back units, control panels.

2 - Commissioning resource.  This service is the commissioning of our manufactured products and also commissioning of OEM products.  We operate this service throughout the world.  We are extremely versatile in this area and any product will be considered.  We will also generate commissioning paperwork to suit your client’s needs as required.  Please contact us for further information on this service.

3 - Engineering solutions.  We have found that when problems arise in engineering, large companies are just not placed to solve these problems as their engineers are working on current projects and have little time to resolve the small issues that may have arisen with legacy work.  This is where we step in.  We are able to offer a full turnkey approach to most problems and have a proven track record of solving issues in a cost effective manner. 

4 - PLC programming, testing and documenting.  Documentation can be tailored to go as far as end user manuals for interrogation of HMIs (Human Machine Interface).

5 - Site install works.  As we already have the team in place we are able to carryout electrical and mechanical installation works at competitive rates.  

If you have an engineering problem, then contact us.  J. P. BAXTER AND COMPANY LTD; in short, the solution.

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